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Age of Warring Empire is a popular game with over 50 million players from all over the world in the strategic and role-playing style of the Silent Ocean gaming studio for Android operating system, which is released for free on Google Play and It is one of the most popular strategic sorting games! In the game Age of Warring Empire, as a commander of a land, you can customize your territory and use powerful weapons to destroy your enemies from your own gender. At the start of the game , the poor castle is delivered to you with a turbulent situation and your task will be to handle all its parts, and you have to upgrade your realm quickly and accurately. Different types of enemies attack you in the same turmoil and you must defeat it with your own strategy and raise money! With the help of money you can buy new items and multiply your power! If you’re a fan of strategic games , try Age of Warring Empire!

Some features of the online strategy game Age of Warring Empire Android:

  •  Build your own realm and battle to conquer the realm of enemies
  •  Recruiting powerful soldiers and commanders from ancient Greece , Rome and Persia!
  •  Includes lots of heroes with unique powers and skills
  •  The ability to upgrade and armor the heroes and empower them
  •  Having stunning and colorful HD graphics + Exciting sound

Game of the Age of Warring Empire with tens of millions of players from around the world has a score of 4.3 out of 5.0 , which we today have on the Forexversion of the latest version for the first cloud in Iran . Again, the game Age of Warring Empire is online and is required to play the Internet connection, and this connection can be accepted by Irancell, Together, and Toshiba.

Note: The game does not have a version and does not hack.

V2.5.6 version changes:

* Added new features
* Fix problems and improve game graphics

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