According to the latest news we have received, publisher KetChapp has just released a game called Bendy Road around the world. So after many days of absence since the game Knife Hit attracted a large number of players until now the new company continues to launch new products. It is known Bendy Road is now available on the Google Play store and App Store, with a capacity of 35.2 MB supporting mobile devices and tablets. Bendy Road is a fun, addictive and easy-to-play electronic game, similar to Roller Coaster and Balls Race, which promises to give people an exciting version. Believe that in the future, this game will soon be successful for this manufacturer. And now, invite your friends to explore and explore more details about this game.

Introduce Bendy Road – Games Obstacle endless

Bendy Road for Android is an entertaining and obstacle course arcade game in an infinite vortex space. The game simulates an endless twist, with obstacles placed on the path. Therefore, you need to be really smart, have good techniques, and especially fast reflexes, to be able to progress to the next chilling. As a fun point-and-click game, you need to score as many points as you can, to compete for the top spot in the game.

Start the journey across obstacles in endless space

Step into game Bendy Road for iOS, your task is to control the ball moving through obstacles, trapping, in the endless helix maze. You really have to be clever, to claw the ball through the traps along the way. These traps are arranged very close together, and metamorphosis, up to you, needs to pay close attention. With an infinite space twist, your goal is just to overcome the obstacles and get rid of the highest score possible.

Note: The higher the level, the difficulty will actually increase, so you must try to eat as many points before the speed increases. When the speed of the game increases, the endless labyrinth will be unpredictable, the speed of the ball will also move faster, it will be very difficult to control your ball over obstacles, with multiple successive traps.

Collect special Powerups

On the endless path, in addition to having to overcome the obstacles in the twisted maze, you can also collect Speed Burst Powerups. When you collect Speed Burst Powerups, it can help you speed up and disrupt the obstacles on the way.

Unlock the new ball

After passing this game, you will receive many attractive gifts such as Money, gems, … and many other gifts. Take note, on the path you need to collect many gems, to serve in the opening of new balls. With a lot of different colored balls, look pretty nice and real.

Blocking Ads

Advertising issues, often occurring frequently in the games of the manufacturer Ketchapp. But do not be upset about this, as this is also the main source for the company to continue launching new games. But if you do not like, can turn off the internet, wifi, 3G, and 4G, the ad code will automatically disappear. Or you can spend $ 2.99 to completely disable the ad code.

2D graphics and sound

In terms of graphics, Bendy Road APK owns a relatively simple 2D graphics platform, just a game of entertainment. From the outside design can show us, this game is simulated real. The design of the ball, the obstacle, the maze of twists, are extremely sharp and detailed. In particular, Labyrinths in the game can change random colors, making the player feel interesting. In addition, the sound system also gives people the feeling of less boring, creating more fun.

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Trailer video Bendy Road (Of Ketchapp)

Bendy Road – By Ketchapp 2018 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3———————————————————————-Play Android: iOS: MOD:

Posted by APKMod on Monday, April 9, 2018

Should Bendy Road game experience it?

As I have experienced this game, you should try to play and enjoy every stress, and tired. As this is a simple recreation game, it helps you to relax your mind extremely well. Currently, people can download Bendy Road for Android, iOS for free, via the link below this article. In addition, the version of Bendy Road MOD APK is also updated in the coming time. Invite people to regularly visit the website every day, to update game new.

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