Clean Master versatile and powerful program with a set of optimization tools and cleaning of Cheetah Mobile operating system Android is that it will be able to use without extra files, browser history and search for the app cache erase and take steps to optimize your smartphone and it has a sizable boost processing speed. Also, this program gives you the possibility to close programs without using the handset to increase your RAM and battery life savings in the quality domain! The Application Optimizer To date, approximately 1,000,000,000 (over 1 billion) has been downloaded by Android users around the world and from Prdanlvdtryn software is Android Optimizer And the rating from 5.0 to 4.7 Business no coincidence that this privilege can not be! Software has all the necessary tools to optimize your Android device to install it and certainly one of the most complete programs Optimizer will enjoy it.


Some of the features and capabilities of Clean Master Android apps:

  • History Eraser: This tool helps you with one click of the program’s history and cache files to delete and maximize your phone’s speed.
  • Privacy: This section helps you maintain privacy in the field of security and basic step to take.
  • Task Killer: As you know, programs that run in the background not only occupy RAM, it also reduces battery life of your smartphone so with this tool can be not a one-click attempt to close the application .
  • App Manager: This section also helps you to schedule and backup your games or programs Ghyrzrvrvy to remove it.
  • App Lock: Lock the phone easy to installed software and various sectors such as Facebook, SMS, Contacts, Gallery
  • Battery Saver: analysis to reduce battery consumption by performing various tasks
  • Game Booster: Optimize performed on the automated phone games to increase efficiency up to 30%
  • ANTIVIRUS: super powerful antivirus and security tools

Clean Master app is a beautiful and friendly environment and we recommend it to all in users of Android and the latest version for free with direct link to the Farsrvyd get! Two different installation files for Android devices +4 and +5 for the download and you can get it with a click.

Changes in version v5.12.8:

* Optimize and fix various problems


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