In order to continue the success of previous products such as Dunk Shot, Fire UP!, Rolly Vortex and many other games, the Voodoo publisher continues to unveil the world of online games called Dune!. Currently, this game is available on the Google Play app store and AppStore, with of storage 149 MB that supports all current midrange handsets. Is an entertaining, easy-going, addictive, high-tech entertainment game that promises great entertainment in the spring of 2018. Now, invite everyone with APKMod to explore the game this.

Introduce Dune! – Game simple recreation

It can be said that Voodoo manufacturers always bring people unique ideas and novelties, from the design of the game, are simple but interesting. They always bring players surprise, from play, graphics, to sound. In particular, the company has launched a lot of simple and addictive games, but not slack. Any game also created their own points, perhaps also because of this has made Voodoo games are received and supported by such users. Therefore, in this article APKMod will introduce you to a game called Dune! for Android, will be a worthwhile product in 2018.

New way of playing

Step into the game Dune !, your task is to control a fast-paced and high-flying ball amidst a vast desert. You must try to control the ball flying as far as possible, in order to get a very high score. Talking seems simple, but entering the game you find it difficult to play. It is not a road under the surface, instead, it will be bumpy peaks, it will be extremely difficult to lower marbles in a smooth way. The game will end when you cannot drop marbles safely.

Control system

Controls game Dune! pretty simple, people just keep the tablet screen to accelerate upward and descend to the desert. Try to get the ball flying high, each time flying high through the line, you will get a corresponding point. Over and over again, you will receive a lot of accumulated points to accumulate many times next flight.

Some point of note

Although the game Dune! simple and addictive gameplay, you can kill time when you are bored or lovelorn on the occasion of love. However, this product still has some extremely nasty restrictions, which is that the courts appear randomly, even when the game screen can also appear. Therefore, we recommend that people turn off WIFI, 3G / 4G before playing, or can spend $ 3 to completely remove the ads. Another point I do not appreciate in this game is that there is no other mode of play.

Graphics and sound

On the graphics, games Dune! for iOS, a simple 2D style is enough for a simple and addictive game. From the images, the interface, and the desert is an extremely detailed simulation, creating real feelings. Besides, the sound system also has many special features, enough to make people feel less boring. Believe that, in the coming time this game will attract a large number of players around the world.

The end

Overall, Dune! is a really addictive entertainment game, people can spend the time to experience this game. If you are free, you can Download Dune! for free Android / iOS, follow the link below this article. Besides, APKMod will support everyone’s version Dune! APK, supporting everyone in other countries around the world can enjoy this product. Hopefully, this game will have the necessary improvements in the coming time, to make the game less monotonous and boring.

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