According to official information received by APKMod, company Epic Action LLC has just announced the release of game Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire in the world. Currently, this game is available on the Google Play apps store and AppStore, with a capacity of 149.2 MB for all mobile phones. It’s a popular Final Fantasy action-RPG game in the world, promising to bring people great experiences in 2018. Although it’s been out for less than a week now, game these attracting millions of players around the world, with engaging gameplay and unique gameplay. Now invite everyone with APKMod to explore this game.

Introduce Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire – Action role-playing game

A New Empire for Android is an action game, part of the Final Fantasy series with the console version. Owning an empire-like game, everyone involved in the game can relate to a clash of clans. Believe that, in the future, this game will attract millions of players around the world.

How to play

Step into the game Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire, your task is to embark on building a powerful empire. At first, you need to exploit the resources, build the kingdom, then build a good army, ready to fight at any time. But first, you have to choose a character to master the kingdom you built. With many different works in many kingdoms including houses, factories, warehouses, training facilities,…

Control system

Control the game Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire is very simple, everyone just touches the screen to move characters, and launch skills. In the mobile screen, you can easily see the buttons in the right-hand corner of the screen. With a few games, you can get used to it and make it as easy as possible.

Character system and weapons

Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire owns many of the more popular Final Fantasy characters such as Gladio, Cindy, Prompto, etc. Along with the numerous new characters, there are many options. for gamers. In addition, each knight has its own highlights, from effects, attack skills, to individual attacks. In addition, the armed system is also very diverse, such as infantry, cavalry, gunners, mages, … even the monsters.

Alliance system

The worldwide alliance system is set up, you can create the most powerful alliance in the world, by alliances with other players in the world. Making friends with each other, helping each other in battles to earn endless resources.

Design and sound

In terms of graphics, the game Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire for iOS brings a stunning 3D design. From the images, interface, bold epic in the legends of the game in the Empire. Applying the latest technology in the world, the simulation game is very beautiful and endless. Besides, the sound is also a bright spot to say. Music possession should be extremely exciting, will create attractive and dramatic for all participants.


In general, Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire is a Final Fantasy role-playing game, promising to give everyone the ultimate experience. If you love this game, you can download Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire for Android / iOS by following the link below. In addition, APKMod will also support Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire APK, so people can experience smoother playback on the computer.

Now, people are ready to engage in the toughest wars for power on mobile? Be a leader, to stop the ravaging of monsters in real-time battles.

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