According to information by APKMod received, producer Square Enix has announced the release of game Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition worldwide. Currently, this game is officially available in the Google Play app store and AppStore, with a capacity of 785.5 MB for all mobile phones. As an exciting roleplaying game, it will definitely give people a great experience in 2018. To understand more about the product, invite everyone to APKMod explore this game this.

Recommend Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition – Game RPG adventure

Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition for Android is set in a fictional story, revolves around a young prince named Noctis, and his friends. In the beginning of this game, there will be a huge fire scene, with much ongoing fire. And at this point, you’ll follow the Noctis boy on a journey full of adventure, to fight and rescue people from the evil forces. Note, this is an RPG genre game, so it’s quite suitable for those with little time.

How to play

Open head game Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition, your mission is to destroy all the monsters on the map. With a refreshing combat mechanism, completely changed from the console version, it will certainly make it difficult for everyone involved. The combat system is played from the high viewpoint, giving people a better overview of the game. In addition, the locations between the character and the surrounding monsters, are described very clearly. Your only concern is controlling the character, the rest is the mechanism of automatic combat.

Control system

Controls the game Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition gameplay is very simple, just tap the screen of your mobile phone to move and launch monster moves. Specifically, the right side of the screen will appear control buttons and launch skills, you just take a moment to get acquainted. With automatic combat mechanism, you just move your character to monster monsters, the system will automatically launch the tactics on the monster.

Note: You can deploy special attacks, dodge, etc. It’s much easier than it was for the original version, but it can still turn into a challenge. The strongest boss in the game appears.

Some attention

The game Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition is no longer an open world, instead, it is a closed world, but it gives people a fun experience in Final Fantasy. Currently, this game is split into several chapters, and you can play free chapters. The next two chapters are priced at $ 0.99 / chapter, and the next chapter is $ 3.99 / chapter. But if you want to conquer the whole game, you can buy a full chapter for $ 19.99.

Design and sound

In terms of graphics, the game Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition for iOS has a beautiful 3D design, with chibi and cute characters. Cool graphic design style, combining classic and modern, brings something interesting to this game. With cute, cute characters designs, the elements will be on the sidelines. This is a clever modification, made by Square Enix, to refresh this game. In addition, the sound system is extremely vibrant, will definitely make everyone feel satisfied.


Overall, the Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition is a real first-person shooter game, thanks to its chibi-like gameplay and design. And if you’re a fan of this genre, you can download the free Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition for Android/iOS, follow the link below. In addition, according to some feedback we received, APKMod will support people version of Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition APK, so you can experience smoother on the PC.

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