As you all know, the archery sports are now known to many, after the major tournaments in the world. Thanks to such popularity, the Voodoo publisher has officially developed and launched the gaming entertainment market called Flying Arrow!. Currently, this game is only available on the App Store, with a capacity of 172.4 MB supporting all mobile devices and tablets. After a while, the Android version will be updated on Google Play. Flying Arrow! is a sports game in the field of archery quite familiar to everyone, promising to bring exciting experiences in April. If you love this game, you can join us to learn more about this product.

Introduce Flying Arrow! – 3D simulated arcade game

Flying Arrow! For Android simulates the archery sport, but this is a 3D game. With so many young people who love archery, the dream of becoming a player, but to do it in real life it is very difficult. But do not be too discouraged, because now there is a game Flying Arrow!, Help you to conquer your desire. Compete for a score, try to achieve the achievements to become the best archer.

Simple gameplay

Start the game Flying Arrow! For iOS, your task is to control the shot, pull the bow, align the wind, to shoot the red heart. Just like in real life, scores will count from the inside out, so you need to shoot the red heart to get the best score. Being able to shoot bullies in a variety of environments will certainly be a real challenge for all players. Flying Arrow! As a sports game, the most important thing is to rely on your ability, your thinking, to achieve the absolute score.

Control system

On the control system, Flying Arrow! APK owns a mobile-optimized control mechanism. In order to be able to shoot them, you need to touch and drag the bow, look very well, power and wind direction well. In order to pull the bow of the heart, there must be many factors on the sidelines, you need to practice regularly, to be able to develop their full potential.

Diversity map

On the map system, the game gives you a lot of different areas. Be it in the forest, the neighborhood, or even the beach, there are surprises. Each area, will change a lot of factors and require you to have good skills and thinking.

Upgrade Arrow

When you pass the first level, you will receive the corresponding amount of points you have earned in the game. When you have a certain amount of points, you need to use that amount to upgrade your arrow, to increase the accuracy of each shot. Also, you can use the money you earn, to unlock new arrows, in different colors.

Block Ads

To fix the ad that appears on the game screen, just turn off the internet, wifi, 3G, and 4G, the ad code will automatically disappear. If you click on the ad code to support the publisher, this is also a good thing, and you do not lose anything. Also, you can spend $ 2.99 to disable the ad code appears.

2D and sound design

Speaking of graphics, Flying Arrow! MOD APK owns a fairly simple 2D graphics platform, which is well-suited for an addictive gaming experience. From the outside, you can feel the game has similarities Slingshot Championship, but still, bring a lot of new impressions. In addition, the sound system will also be a pretty interesting point, making this game further to the world market.

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Trailer video Flying Arrow! (By Voodoo)

Flying Arrow! – Of Voodoo <3—————————————-Play Android: Comming SoonPlay iOS: MOD: Comming Soon

Posted by APKMod on Monday, April 9, 2018

The end

Overall, Flying Arrow! is a well-known amusement arcade game in the world. If you are an archery fan, download Flying Arrow! For Android, iOS for free, via the link below this article. Also, in the near future, we will try to update everyone version of Flying Arrow! MOD Unlocked, for you to experience more wonderful.

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