According to the latest information we received, NetEase Games producer has recently won the top online game publisher in the Chinese market. To no avail from anyone in the world, the company continues to launch the game called Galactic Frontline. This game is currently available on the Google Play store and App Store, with a total of 637 MB of support for all mobile devices and tablets. Galactic Frontline is a distant galaxy-based shooting strategy game, with a fierce battle. With a new gaming platform developed by NetEase Games, promises to bring people a great experience in 2018. And now, invite your friends to explore and explore this product.

Note: You can refer to some products from NetEase Games manufacturers such as FortCraft, Survivor Royale, and Onmyoji.

Introduce Galactic Frontline – Galactic war is not over

Galactic Frontline for Android simulates a mysterious and distant galaxy where there are so many interesting things to discover. The three major races are the Terran, Ansari, and Solarians in the galactic war, and you need to be a survivor of the Galactic system. Entering the space battle, you will have the opportunity to become a hero when faced with many different opponents in the universe. You will face different players around the world, in the Galactic battle. If you win, you will receive a bonus amount and a star rating. With so many exciting tournaments waiting for you to conquer, prove yourself as a top hero in protecting the galaxy.

Start the battle to protect the galaxy

Entering the game Galactic Frontline for iOS, you will be in control of the Galactic spacecraft, taking part in a massive galactic battle. Initially, you will become the school’s giant spacecraft and control a line of spacecraft. Each match, you need to combine with the warships escort to create reasonable tactics to kill the enemy. With 6 different combat units, you can use your existing skills and energy to destroy the other side of the battlefield.

Note: You need to protect your giant warship if you do not want to get disastrous losses. As the biggest ship is the soul of the team, it is very important to watch and watch around. If you make the right strategy and win, you can upgrade your ship to become stronger. Being a tactical space game requires players with good skills, tactics, and thinking to take the lead in the final battle.

Control functions

Control system is quite simple, you just touch and stroke to perform the operation of your spacecraft. With an optimized control mechanism, so that this game can support the entire player. From all ages in the world, anywhere, just have an internet connection, and wifi is able to experience this game smoothly. Are you ready to become the only survivor and leader of the universe?

Game mode

Galactic Frontline MOD APK owns 2 main modes of play: AI and PVP in real time, you can experience one of these two modes. Especially in online mode, you can fight with all the other players around the world. Besides, they are also exchanged with friends. Invite your friends to enter the galactic arena, via Facebook, and Zalo, …

2D graphics and sound

In terms of graphics, the Galactic Frontline APK owns a simple 2D platform, with a rather eye-catching design. From the images, effects, simulated extremely detailed and true. With its powerful fleet, the fleet has created the most fierce battles in the Galactic arena. Besides, the sound system, with the vibrant and bustling rhythms, gives people a pleasant experience.

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Trailer video Galactic Frontline

Galactic Frontline – By NetEase Games 2018 <3—————————————————————-Play Android: iOS: MOD:

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Overall, Galactic Frontline is a great multiplayer battle between Galactic Fronts, promising to bring people great experiences in 2018. If you love this game or want to experience new play, you can download the free Galactic Frontline for Android / iOS, via the link below this article. Do not forget, regularly visit our website every day, to update more games this.

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