As you all know, in 2018 there are many high-speed racing car games launched and are loved by young people very much. Typical games are quite famous in the past such as Drift Tuner 2019 and Asphalt 9: Legend. And most recently, producer Azur Games has announced the release of the game GTR Speed Rivals around the world. This game is currently available on the Google Play store and App Store, with 18 MB of storage supporting all mobile devices and tablets. GTR Speed Rivals is a fast-paced, fast-paced racing car game that promises to bring you the best in 2018. If you are interested in this game, you can join us in the review to find out more details about this product.

Introduce GTR Speed Rivals – New racing game

GTR Speed Rivals for Android is a new innovative racing game, which has a very good graphics platform and quality. Step into this game, will you be able to feel the speed, the growl of the engine, or the sound from the wheels on the road? They are simulated quite honest and sharp. With a familiar, fast-paced gameplay, the game focuses on super-high performance driving. With the stadium is a very detailed simulation, the two sides are spectators, under the competition is the super race competition is fierce.

Express technical difference

Entering the game GTR Speed Rivals, you will be presented with spectacular drift or donuts scenarios, giving you a great feeling. With the poorly patterned racing system, folding, as you speed up the rounds will be extremely difficult. If you do not possess the professional control skills, then certainly will be out of the race. Try to score yourself the highest score, to set the record.

Control functions

About the control system, GTR Speed Rivals for iOS is also quite similar to the game Ultimate Car Driving Simulator. With the optimized control system on your mobile device, you just need to lightly touch it to squirm, drift, donuts or accelerate. Just use your fingers, can control your car. Or you can control the car to the left, right, the two virtual keys on the right are two gas pedals and brakes.

Note: For newcomers to this game, it will take some time to get used to it. However, it is not too difficult for everyone to experience this game. The special thing is that you need to create high scores to compete in the world rankings. So whether your opponent is Michael Schumacher or Lewis Hamilton, it does not matter in this game.

Show Drift skills to win

Maybe Drift is the most important thing in this game because when you do well, the goal of high scores will not matter. In order to master this skill, it takes a long time, of course, when you meet the top racers. Now that you’re ready, get started on the road to challenging the GTR Speed Rivals.

Play mode

GTR Speed Rivals has three different modes for people to choose from: Career, Single Player, Multiplayer. Each mode possesses different points, so you need to find out before taking part in the ultimate battle.

  1. In Career mode, you will start the race from Newbie to Champion.
  2. In the Single Player mode, it is the competition that competes in the world rankings. So you need to use the Drift very well, to finish the earliest.
  3. In Multiplayer mode, you will have to prove the speed, in order to beat all opponents to become champions.

Many famous supercars

Special in the game GTR Speed Rivals MOD APK, which is a super-rich and diverse system. With 25 famous car brands in the world, you can choose Lamborghini Aventador BMW i8, Porsche, Ferrari,… and many other supercars. Choose the best car to show you are the best racer in the world. Pay attention to supercar upgrades, when you complete the tasks that will receive the bonus, use to repair wheels, motors,…

Graphics and rich sound

In terms of graphics, GTR Speed Rivals APK boasts a stunning 3D graphics platform, with the best design on the market today. The supercar, designed extremely detailed and sharp, to create true and lively to the player. In addition, this game is applied 1080p resolution, giving people the best graphics experience. In addition, the sound system in this playing time is also a most noticeable point. With the sound of the car under the road, Drift, bringing the most authentic experience.

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Trailer video GTR Speed Rivals

GTR Speed Rivals – By Azur Games 🏎🏎🏎🏎🏎🏎——————————————————Play Android: iOS: Comming SoonAPK MOD:

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Overall, GTR Speed Rivals is a high-speed sports racing game that promises to bring players new experiences. If you love the high-speed genre, you can join the GTR Speed Rivals, to enjoy the ultimate racing experience. This game can be easily entertained anywhere, can help players to stress very well. Do not forget, regularly visit our website every day, to update more new games.

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