Remember, too, people often play hide and seek with their friends in big houses. To recall these memories and memories, producer HitRock Games has officially released a game called Hide Online around the world. This game is currently available on Google Play and the App Store, with a capacity of 27.7 MB supporting all mobile devices and tablets. Hide Online is a unique game, combining shooting and hide-and-seek, giving people hours of fun experience. And now, invite people with us to find out more this game is not unique.

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Introduce Hide Online – Shooting game hide and seek

Hide Online for Android is a scary looking shooter game, with unique and new battles. Entering this game, you will be joined by seven other players in a match, divided equally into two different teams. Still a Team Prop, and a Team Hunter, but the difference is that the team will use the gun to kill the team to escape. But the team has a lot of special skills, which can turn into any object in the game, but still retain the ability to move, but can not attack.

Note: Teams can turn into anything you want, so the team will find it difficult to find out. With a game that brings many new things, and the stressful quest and escape will definitely make the player happy. In addition, the time set for the Team Hunter is 3 minutes, if you have not destroyed all the Team Prop, then you will lose.

Control system

About the control function, Hide Online for iOS possesses a keyboard-optimized mechanism on mobile devices. So you just have to touch and do some action such as moving, firing, throwing grenades, etc. You may take some time to get used to the control system. easy way. It is a childhood re-enactment game, so all ages can experience this game. Surely this fight will be fun and funny, with all those who experience it.

Weapons and maps

Referring to the weapon system, Hide Online MOD APK has a lot of new weapons, can search for players to hide when turned into objects. Besides, it is a small map system, only in a simple house, this can make the players feel bored, although the gameplay of the game is very fun. Hopefully, in the near future HitRock Games producer, can improve on graphics and new weapons. This is also the main factor, making this game more exciting in every search.

Design and sound

In terms of graphics, Hide Online APK owns the beautiful 3D graphics platform, with the classic directional design depicting childhood. From the images, effects, interface, look pretty beautiful, sharp. In addition, the smallest details such as tables, chairs, computers, mugs, … are designed with bright colors and details, certainly, make you feel satisfied. In addition, the sound system is also an impressive plus, making this game attract a large number of players around the globe.

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Trailer video Hide Online

Hide Online – By HitRock Games———————————————Play Android: iOS: MOD:

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In general, Hide Online is a fun and new hide and seek game, sure to give people a great experience. This can be a new wind between the shooting genres in the market today. If you love this game, can download Hide Online for Android / iOS for free, follow the link under this article.

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