According to the official information that APKMod received, producer Day7 has just released the game How to Get a Girl in 33 Days around the globe. Currently, this game is supported by two free Android and iOS platforms, with a capacity of 70 MB supporting the entire range of mobile platforms currently. As a game of simulating the air Valentine, is promising to bring all people in the world FA are happy.

Introduce How to Get a Girl in 33 Days – Simulate the 3D world

As a simulation game from the “sunrise” country, with the main interface, is the beautiful young girl, is looking for love. The game How to Get a Girl in 33 Days for Android, portray the prospect of a girl in the dream looking for a guy. To do that, of course, everyone needs to understand the psychology of boys and girls. Joining this game, APKMod will make sure you change the way you communicate with other women.

How to play

Simple and familiar play, with a new and interesting way to play, help the boys too busy to work together daily, have the opportunity to conquer the beautiful girl. It seems like many men do not know how to conquer their dream girl. So, handsome, talented but until graduation, go to work they still fail in love road. Responding to that aspiration, the publisher of Day7 decided to bring them this game. The game helps the men of Japan, as well as the whole world, understand the psychology of women.


Is a simulation game about boys looking for girls in Japan. Game How to Get a Girl in 33 Days for iOS reach out and interact with completely different players. Quite similar to games like Dream Town Story, Home Street or Animal Crossing Pocket Camp. At the beginning of the game, you will be portrayed as a handsome boy who moves to a pretty girl’s school. When this guy meets beautiful girls and wants them together. With 4 beautiful girls, your task is to cut one of the four girls.

Parameter of 4 beautiful girl

  • Mia Lynwood: 17-year-old girl with 1m60 high. This is a classmate with your guy in the game. New environments, new classrooms, and new friends make you feel awkward. This smart guy has helped you a lot in the integration. A love affair with mysterious classmates. It’s also romantic.
  • Crystal Frost: a 17-year-old girl, same grade with you with a height of 1m63. Crystal is really the school’s flower. Her beauty, physique, height and academic style are outstanding. In How to Get a Girl in 33 Days, try your luck with your masculine look.
  • Hailey Jewells: A 17-year-old girl near your home. A mysterious girl, cold and hard to close. However, according to the main character in the game, this is a warm-hearted girl. Break the ice and melt her heart.
  • Lucy Appleville: This is your crush from the small. She studied under you 1 course. Can you steal her heart?

Control system and gameplay cute

Controls extremely easy, simply caressed on the mobile phone screen, is playable characters to chat with her choice. Then do all the conversations, make her sympathize with you. With difficult conversations, it can be the answer to whether you are a girl killer. During the game, if you make her happy you will accumulate some money. Gradually, use that money to invite the girl of your dreams to go out and go further.

Synthetic some ideal locations dating

Some of the great places to go are Pet Cafe, Baseball Stadium, Dessert Buffet, … These are great places to have beautiful and romantic landscapes. Gameplay is simple, there are not too many complicated modes, but some of it revolves around you communicating, chatting with the girls.

Graphics & Sound

​About the graphics, the game How to Get a Girl in 33 Days APK owns a platform of Japanese Anime, designed based on 2D graphics. With exquisite designs, it gives the most authentic feeling to everyone in the experience. The sound system is vibrant, with the girls and boys being dubbed cute. Also, when listening to How to Get a Girl in 33 Days, you also practice listening, reading English … etc


In general, How to Get a Girl in 33 Days is a cute entertainment game, promising to bring players a new experience. If you’re an entertainment game lover or are looking for a similar game, then “How to Get a Girl in 33 Days” is one of the most productive in 2018. How to Get a Girl in 33 Days is now available on the Google Play and AppStore charts. In addition, APKMod also supports people with high-speed versions for How to Get a Girl in 33 Days APK for Android.

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