According to the latest information APKMod received, Ketchapp maker has announced the release of Knife Hit game globally. Currently, this game is officially available in the Google Play and AppStore rankings, with a capacity of 49.3 MB for all mobile phones. Is An electronic game with simple addictive, gameplay simulates a throwing knife on a circular wooden board? Although it has only been released for 24 hours, the Knife Hit game has attracted thousands of players around the world. Now, people can explore this simple and new game.

Introduce Knife Hit – The game throwing knives into logs

An easy-to-play electronic game, the game Knife Hit for Android gives people an endless experience. With knife throws on the board, is a very new game of Ketchapp, with many challenges that require players to think and be agile throw knives.

How to play

In the beginning of the Knife Hit game, the player’s task is to throw knives on a circular wooden board on which the apples are attached. The thing you need to do is to throw the knife on the apple when the number of apples on the wooden board is at the same time the wooden board broken this circle. So, until you discover the whole game in Knife Hit. The difficulty will increase, and the speed of the wood will spin faster, you need to focus on the next door.

Control system

The control is quite simple, you just need to stroke fingers on the mobile phone screen, the knife will automatically jump forward. Try to throw the apples and finish the game early, the score will correspond to the number of apples you throw.

Upgrade and open new knives

Note: When you own a large amount of money, you can open new knives and upgrade the accuracy of your knives. When you reach stage 5, you will encounter a very difficult playing door, try to pass to be raised proprietary knife.

Graphics and sound

In terms of graphics, the game Knife Hit for iOS has a simple 2D style, not carefully handled by Ketchapp. However, owning gameplay simple and addictive, this game was created to be characteristic of themselves. The sound is nothing special, with simple background music support boring for people to experience.


Overall, Knife Hit is an entertaining electronic throwing knife game, featuring simple and addictive gameplay. If you love this game, then Download Knife Hit for Android, iOS free, to be able to enjoy the new experience with this product. In addition, APKMod also gives people the version Knife Hit APK for Android high-speed. Do not forget, regularly visit the APKMod website every day, to update new games offline.

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