As everyone has said, the cycling sports adventure always gives people the exciting experience. People are no stranger to sloping, winding and rough terrain, right? So, in this article APKMod will introduce to people a terrain racing game called Mad Skill BMX 2. It is known that this game is released by Turborilla worldwide, on 2 platforms Android and iOs free. As a sports car racing game promises to give people a great experience. Now invite everyone to APKMod to explore the highlights in this game.

Introduce Skill BMX 2 – An exciting bike racing game

Mad Skill BMX 2 for Android is a type of adventure racing game, so controlling the character is easy. With extremely long track conditions, it will definitely give people a lot of real challenges. Besides that, however, the image is always a real highlight, creating the difficulty and challenge the patience of participating players.

How to play

Open head game Mad Skills BMX 2, your mission is to control the character, overcome the complicated terrain to be the earliest finish. But to do that is very difficult because on the track you will encounter many challenges. From terrain, space and time, even meet the bad guys to use all sorts of ways to become the earliest players. So, you will not be able to predict the situation, it can appear at any time.

Immediately after completing a race with high achievement, you will receive money, gold or other things. This money can be used to repair a race car or upgrade it to a price that can be paid in cash or gold. Of course, the bigger the amount, the more options you have for unlocking the latest racing cars in the world.

Control system

Control games Mad Skill BMX 2 is extremely easy to use, people just touch the virtual home button on the mobile screen, to be able to control his character. With dangerous racetracks, it will create great skills. This is also what happens frequently, so you can practice your skills and reflexes.

Top dangerous racing terrain

Owning an adventurous racing system, racing events are held on a variety of terrains, creating an attraction. The design is extremely meticulous, giving people a great and genuine experience. If you want to become a world-famous racing athlete, be able to win.

Note: Some terrains take place like wilderness, in the heart of the city, or even the beach and tropical jungle.


Besides, the game Mad Skill BMX 2 also supports the store so that players can enjoy the power of choice. In the shop system, there are many features for you to use and choose a car repair and decoration equipment. Accompany it with wheels, joysticks, you can use the money and gold to upgrade and equip your car.

Graphics and sound

In terms of graphics, the game Mad Skill BMX 2 for iOS features a simple 2.5 D style, with a very realistic and sharp design. From the interface, the image, and the effects, it is clearly described to give people a sense of realism. Besides, the sound system is also a remarkable highlight, making this game attract thousands of players around the world. Believe me, when people participate in this game will feel really addicted.


In short, Mad Skill BMX 2 is a very exciting racing sports game, everyone can join in to relax every day. Especially on the occasion of love, if you are FA can experience to not be sad. Now, people can download Mad Skill BMX 2 for Android / iOS under the link below this article. In addition, APKMod will give people a version of Mad Skill BMX 2 APK, which supports all of you can experience smoother on the computer. Do not forget to visit the APKMod.Store website every day, to get updates on new games.

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