You know, Resident Evil is a series of horror games that appeared in 1996. For those who have experienced this game on the device PlayStation, can feel the attractiveness and drama of the game this. Despite the absence of entertainment market many years ago, but recently the fourth part called Resident Evil 4 has officially been CAPCOM released exclusively on the Android and iOS platforms. With a lightweight 33 MB, it can support all current mobile devices and tablets. Resident Evil 4 is a shooter action game, part of the horror franchise series that promises to bring people a wonderful experience in 2018. And now, invite your friends to review, to find this mystery answer.

Introduction Resident Evil 4 – The game action shooter

Resident Evil 4 for Android simulates a mysterious world in Eastern Europe, where the creatures of freaks and Zombies appear. Initially, you will be transformed into a special agent Leon Scott Kennedy, whose task is to find his daughter Alise the president in a mysterious girl Ganado. Surrounding the girl is not terrorists or dangerous criminals, but they are extremely strange creatures when the whole is a fire. These monsters are shaped like fire demon, looks extremely aggressive and abhorrent. The fire demon is very bloodthirsty, meeting people are willing to eat meat, so this village has become absent for many years.

Step into battle zombies survive

Start game Resident Evil 4 for iOS, you will face strange monsters and fire people have quite special powers. Initially, you need to collect weapons such as machine guns, rifles, shotguns, ammunition, knives, ready to fight with fire people at any time. Be mindful of the journey, as these monsters will rush out to eat you at any time. Pay attention to blood potions along the way, which can help you recover a certain amount of blood, increasing your battle time with monsters longer.

With a seamless storyline, you’ll have to go slowly to explore Leon’s journey divided into several chapters, each with a different mission. In addition, this game features a third-person shooter, much like PUBG Mobile. Because of these details, it has reduced the extra points in this game, creating more appeal to this product.

Control functions

On the control system, this game is optimized for manipulation, so the character controls are also simple. In addition to basic functions like shooting, throwing grenades, or picking up blood, you also need to do some other side-by-side action. For example, if you meet locked rooms, you need to break the door to go up the stairs above to avoid being attacked by zombies. In particular, in this version of the fire people, zombies are stronger, shrewd, and much smarter. They are fiercer, faster, so you will be more dangerous.

Graphics and sound

Speaking to the graphics segment, Resident Evil 4 APK owns the smallest 2.5 D platform, with wild and authentic design style. Special characters from Leon Scott Kennedy, strange monsters, and zombies are all very detailed. Because of these factors, has brought success to this game. With a dark background, deadly air and mysterious atmosphere created a great game. Besides the sound system, with the background sound, making the player feel real fear.

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Trailer video Resident Evil 4

Resident Evil 4 (By CAPCOM)——————————————–Play Android: iOS: MOD: Comming SoonPlay PC:

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Overall, Resident Evil 4 is an action-packed shooter game, quite a special kind of fire-breathing zombies, which promises to give people a great experience. If you love this game, you can download Resident Evil 4 for Android / iOS for free, follow the link below this article. In addition, you can also install Resident Evil 4 MOD APK, so you can experience a smoother PC.

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