As everyone well knows, the 2018 Summer Olympics soccer world’s largest football tournament officially entered the start-up phase. It brings together all the top teams in the world, gathering all the famous players in many different teams. Because of this, the publisher of First Touch Games has officially announced the launch of game Score! Match all over the world. This can be said to be good news for fans of the sports king, the purpose of this launch to warm the atmosphere of football throughout the planet.

Currently, this game is officially available in the Google Play app store and AppStore, with a capacity of 88 MB for all mobile phones. As a sport and recreation game, the most intense and fascinating football in the world, promises to inspire people to have a very enjoyable experience in 2018. And especially, in the occasion of love this, but you are FA can enjoy this football atmosphere. Now invite everyone with APKMod to explore this product.

Introduce Score! Match – Sports entertainment

Soccer is a sport most people in the world love, wherever there are lovers and passionate fans. And the football games are no exception, the premiere games are all young people around the world love. Recently, the game Score! Match for Android has officially launched around the world, and attracted millions of players around the world. Believe that, in the next time people will enjoy the most passionate atmosphere in the top game.

How to play

Open head game Score! Match, you will be offered a soccer team consisting of anonymous players. But luckily, people can own a number of famous players, but the ratio of these players is extremely low. But the team is not a problem because if you are a good player, you can win.

However, if you are not a good player, you can do the quests to earn more money for yourself. Or you can add money, to buy more players have index and name on the football arena. With the world’s top stars, you can calculate the value of these players through the stats provided by the game. If you win a football league, you will be given a huge sum of money to buy more players.

Some of the world’s top players such as Paul Pogba, Ibrahimovic, Alexis Sanchez, Ronaldo, Messi, Neymar, Bakayoko, …?

Control system

Control the game Score! Match extremely difficult, to be able to control the players on the field will take a lot of time for you to learn. Simply touch on the mobile phone screen to move, pass the ball, and hit the ball. It sounds simple, but it’s really hard when you officially enter this game. If you are a good player, moving the team is extremely simple, and if you are a new player, maybe a little time to get acquainted.

In order to be a good player, of course, there should be many side-effects, especially your skills, play style and tactical thinking. Each attack is beautiful or not, depending on the creativity in each ball you give. You can make an improbable goal, a kickback to score a beautiful goal.

Player system

Score! Match possesses a rich and diverse player system, everyone can recruit and own any player in the world. But to own the players as you like, you need to have a huge amount of money. It is very likely that if you can own the most famous players in the world like Messi or Ronaldo, you can create your own tactical map.

Some game modes

Special emphasis in this product, which is the mode of play has changed the weaving. Score! Match owns two main modes are AI and online, people can comfortably choose. With AI mode, you can fight with the machine, and with online mode, you have to fight with real people. Of course, it all depends on your level of play and skill, whether you play with AI or online, if you are a good player, you will not be too scared. Be the best player to challenge and compete against all the players in the world.

Design and sound

On Graphics, game Score! Match for iOS owns the high-quality 3D design, with meticulously detailed details. It can be said that most of the sports games in football, they have a platform of graphics quality and sharp. From authentic designs such as players, shoes, and blouses, they are extremely delicate. With a view of the three-dimensional camera, giving people the clearest and true contemplation. Besides, the sound system is extremely vibrant, certainly will give people the most dramatic experience.


Summary, Score! The match is one of the most exciting sports football games on the planet, with world-class tournaments, sure to give people an enjoyable experience. If you are a football fan and want to enjoy the top games this summer, can Download Score! Match for Android / iOS for free, to enjoy while waiting for this football tournament to kick off. In addition, APKMod will also support people version Score! Match APK, so you can experience smoother on the computer.

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