According to the official information that APKMod has received, producer Ketchapp has just announced the release of its game Space Frontier around the world. Currently, this game is officially available in the Google Play app store and AppStore, with a capacity of 108.4 MB for all mobile phones. Is an entertaining game with simple gameplay and addictive, promises to let people experience extremely great. Now invite everyone and APKMod to explore this game.

Introduce Space Frontier – Space rocket launcher game

Space Frontier for Android is a simple game that requires the agility and technical skill of each player. In this game you will be the one who activates the explosive blocks in the spacecraft’s torso, to propel the missile’s head up in the air. Try to shoot missiles at higher altitudes, as possible, so that you can achieve high scores. In particular, the further you go into this game, the levels will gradually unfold, and people can discover the unexpected in this game.

How to play

Starting game Space Frontier, your task is to activate the explosives in the rocket body, to be the most technical. Because when you do rocket launches, if not done properly, the missile can not fly high and far. If you activate it slowly, it may cause the blast location to fail, resulting in missile launches. Although it is a simple and addictive game, it is difficult for people to shoot high-altitude missiles.

The number of missiles fired will be limited, as people make enough missions out of the proposed game. The game will end, when people make all missile launches, you can get points corresponding to the height of each missile fired.

Control system

Control game Space Frontier is extremely simple, people just touch the screen of the mobile phone to trigger the explosion. Try to do the right thing, if you do not want the rocket to explode when it’s not there. The higher the speed, the faster the movement of the bar will be, so that it will create the charm and fun for this game.

Some pieces of advice

Note: Before you enter the Space Frontier experience, try to practice a lot in order to practice skills. When you feel confident enough, enter the game to truly conquer the Space Frontier game world rankings.

Resource system

Experience the Space Frontier game, do not forget to accumulate a certain amount of money. When you have a large amount of money, you can buy more materials, new missiles, or even the color of the missile. In addition, the game also provides random dial-up systems every day, but people will lose about 500 gold coins to make a spin. If you’re lucky, people can own special types of rockets including orange, panda, flower, bee,…

Graphics and sound

In terms of graphics, the game Space Frontier for iOS features a very simple 2.5 D design style, creating true accents. From simple design images such as missiles, interfaces, and effects, the descriptions are extremely detailed and clear. In addition, the sound system is quite outstanding, with rocket sounds simulated realism and lively, certainly create a lot of emotions to the player.


In general, Space Frontier is a simple and addictive electronic entertainment game, promising to bring people a relaxing moment at the weekend. If you are looking for a simple game for entertainment, you can download Space Frontier for Android / iOS for free, follow the link below this article. In addition, APKMod will give people a version of Space Frontier APK, so you can easily enjoy this game on the computer.

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