In the past, we have introduced you to a lot of popular real-time games. Particularly noteworthy are the good products such as Hide Online and Blast Squad. Recently, the publisher Happy Universe Studios has announced the official release of Super Cats game worldwide. Currently, this game has just launched Android version on Google Play, iOS version of App Store will be updated soon. At present, this game has only been released Beta version, but the youth love so much in the past. Super Cats is a 3Vs3 real-time action game, with a strategy gameplay that promises to give people a fun and real experience. If you love this game, can join us to learn more about this product.

Introduce Super Cats – 3Vs3 real-time adventure game

Super Cats for Android simulates a real-time 3Vs3 shooting game, with cute cartoon characters. In this game, you will be selected one of the extremely cute characters, which is simulated animation style looks pretty chibi. In one team there will be 3 other players in every place, to destroy three enemies across the front lines. As an online strategy game, the ability to coordinate teammates needs to be smooth, can kill the enemy easily.

Character system

Super Cats for iOS offers a very diverse character system, with many different characters. Typically simulated as bear, cat, … have special skills for themselves. So, entering the game you need to make the right choice, to create a perfect team, easy to knock down the enemy and win. Each match you win, you will receive the corresponding bonus, use it to purchase the dress and upgrade your character.

Map and play mode

An open map system, with an overview of 360 degrees applied, makes it easy for players to see the overall game. With an overview of the camera, so players can make the right tactics, help their team can gain an advantage. From there, accumulate gradually from small to big advantage, and win the whole match. In addition to the map, the game also offers a variety of different modes, giving people a really enjoyable experience.

Graphics and sound

In terms of graphics, Super Cats APK possesses extremely simple 2D graphics, with animated character designs that look quite cute. Besides, the pulse environment and effects, also simulated in detail and sharp. Because of the above, it gives this product a great experience, different from other real-time games on the market. In addition, the sound system in this game also brings a lot of new points, a lot of interesting sounds, sure to make players feel impressed.


Overall, Super Cats is a fairly new 3Vs3 real-time strategy action game that definitely gives people an exciting experience. If you love cats and want to experience this game, you can download Super Cats for Android, iOS for free, via the link below this article. In addition, we also provide the version Super Cats MOD APK, which allows you to experience the whole computer. Do not forget, regularly visit our website every day, to update more new games.

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