Telegram v3.10.1 Final – the latest version of Android for mobile Telegram Messenger for Windows
Persian date Khordad 29 months in 1395 to coincide with the release of a new update for the first time

Telegram – Telegram Messenger is a powerful, free and excellent company, Digital Fortress for the operating system Android is that by focusing on two important factors speed and high security is designed to allow users to very quickly see , videos, files and their own custom text to your friends anywhere they are, send this earth! Yes this popular app WhatsApp Messenger is very similar with the exception that provides users with the features that telegram to WhatsApp more and it’s all free and unique Instant members who are looking for a proposed we give! The application Telegram allows you to have an unlimited pay to chat with their friends and acquaintances, chat rooms created to infinity individuals and as a group to chat, various files, including + 1 GB to send video to your message about always having rest assured that all your messages will be saved so you can access it.


Some of the key features and functionality Telegram Android apps:

  • Ability to create and chat in groups with people chat rooms to infinity!
  • Ability to send photos, videos and files up to a maximum of 1500 MB (1.5 GB)
  • Remember all your conversations in the cloud app to access other devices
  • Having an incredibly powerful encryption to protect user privacy that is unrivaled!
  • Offering a variety of super cute emoticons for use in Chat by user
  • Stickers with fantastic support thousands of stickers for use + possibility of making stickers
  • View animated GIF images without having to download and Amknzkhyrh them to use the chat screen
  • Having a version of Windows Messenger to use on your PC!
  • Ability to create custom channels and invite friends by using the link and channel name
  • Defining manager and administrator for the channel created by the original director of channel
  • + Ability to create specific robots building robots default stickers and …
  • Assign custom applications for your name + Tznymat related to privacy
  • Ability to put custom photo for your profile (by assigning a new photo previous stays)
  • Your visitors or text display options for contacts or all users Last Seen Recently
  • The powerful search function to find the desired text in the chat done in groups, etc.
  • Auto-sync and quick information and contacts between Windows and Android Account
  • Different settings to determine the background and other items to customize your telegram
  • Rsaty settings page with dozens of customization options related to LED and a hundred
  • The possibility of sharing easy and direct messages, images and even channel posts
  • Edit comments useful and interesting option for groups or contacts
  • 100% free (unlike Msnjrhayy that after a while you have to pay is)

Telegram with hundreds of thousands of apps downloaded from Android Market Rated 4.2 out of 5.0 is that we are in Apkfine latest version of it available to you and we can get a Nera with one click. If we want to present our best current Android Instant Messenger name telegram shines sure, but it is better to be noted that this case is also very popular in Iran Telegram Telegram applied in other countries is not otherwise in the news published a days still telegram world’s most popular WhatsApp!

Changes in version v3.10.1:

* Various optimizations + minor bug fixes

Changes in version v3.10 Final:

* Added function drafted to avoid losing messages written!
* Built-in video player for Android +4.1
* Function Scroll to bottom for unread messages
* Various optimizations + minor bug fixes


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