The current entertainment game on the entertainment market is gaining so much popularity. But the experience is simple, relatively the same and no difference. That’s why, today I’m going to introduce a game called Tetrun: Parkour Mania, which has the most unique and unique gameplay ever. It is known that this game was released exclusively by Cableek Games on the Google Play store and App Store, with a capacity of 57.6 MB supporting mobile devices and tablets. Tetrun: Parkour Mania is an exciting electronic entertainment game, with endless flowing Parkour play, promising to bring people a great gaming experience. And now, invite everyone to go in to find out more details about this game.

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Introduce Tetrun: Parkour Mania – Parkour game endless flow

Tetrun: Parkour Mania for Android is a new and unique electronic game, with a mysterious gameplay that is sure to give players an immersive experience. In this game, you will experience the 3D space is rotated according to high-rise tower, with the box pieces are falling freely. Believe me, in the coming time this game will attract a large number of players around the globe.

Start the endless parkour journey

Step into the game Tetrun: Parkour Mania for iOS, your task is to control a character running the circular line of the tower. You need to avoid falling pieces of the box to build this tower. As you climb higher, you will discover many levels and achieve the corresponding high score.

Note: When you reach higher levels, the game becomes more difficult as the speed of the boxes drops faster. Besides the scene is also changed, creating certain difficulties for the player. Therefore, you need to have reflexes and ability to be extremely good, to pass this game, and to score the highest possible score.

Control functions

About the control system, Tetrun: Parkour Mania gives people an optimized system on their mobile device. It’s easy for you to move your character to run, climb, paddle, by tapping the virtual keys on the phone screen. Extremely simple so that all ages can experience this game in a fun way at every weekend.


In terms of graphics, Tetrun: Parkour Mania APK gives people a simple 2D platform, with a harmonious design. From the tower, the free-falling cubes, and even the characters are simulated in detail and sharp. Next to that is the plane dropping blocks, also described extremely true. Surely, in the future, this game will be young people love.


In terms of sound, this game also possesses classical music, the prevailing trend of addictive games. From the sound of the box falling freely, the flight, and even birds flying through.

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Trailer video Tetrun: Parkour Mania

Tetrun: Parkour Mania – By Cableek Games 2018 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 ————————————————————————————-Play Android: iOS:

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Overall, Tetrun: Parkour Mania is the most entertaining game in 2018. If you love this game, can Download Tetrun: Parkour Mania for Android, iOS for free, via the link below this article. In addition, you can install the version Tetrun: Parkour Mania MOD APK, as we provide computer support. Do not forget, regularly visit our website every day, to update more new games.

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