After the article Jurassic World Alive in the previous article we introduce, in this article, I will continue with you to learn another product called The Walking Dead: Our World. Currently, this game is available on the Google Play store and App Store, with a capacity of 89.2 MB supporting all mobile and tablet devices, plus AR technology. The Walking Dead: Our World is a horror-themed game, with a new and exciting gameplay that promises to give people a truly mobile experience. If you are curious about this product, can go with me to explore and explore more details.

Introduce The Walking Dead: Our World – Virtual reality horror games

The Walking Dead: Our World for Android is a horror game, taken from the American TV series. The world in this game, simulated like a comic being released between Tony Moore and Charlie Adlard. Enter the world of The Walking Dead: Our World, you will be immersed in the post-apocalyptic, drama, horror genre, developed by Frank Darabont, and released by Next Games in the world. Believe me, this game in the coming time will attract a large number of players, with the unique and new style of play.


Thanks to its popularity, the brand The Walking Dead not only appeared on the small screen but also eat a lot in other areas, especially video games. Recently, the AMC television studio – the exclusive channel of the movie with the Next Games, has suddenly opened the early registration of this virtual reality horror game, promising to be called The Walking Dead: Our World.

In fact, the game was first announced by AMC last August. Accordingly, the fans of The Walking Dead series can fight the zombies in real life. This is a game for the mobile platform with the use of AR virtual reality technology similar to what Pokemon GO used. From here, instead of hunting for Pokemon, players will use the camera phone to hunt and destroy bloodthirsty zombies as in the movie.

Familiar gameplay

Gameplay in The Walking Dead: Our World for iOS is quite familiar, and does not have any difficult control system. It’s similar to Pokemon GO, where players need to move around to find Zombies and kill them with all sorts of weapons like Michonne’s guns, grenades, grenades, or swords. You can catch zombies anywhere, from grocery stores, hospitals and many places in real life. Use your powers to defeat these scary zombies, and prevent the disease from spreading.

Graphics and sound

In the segment of graphics, The Walking Dead: Our World APK owns extremely beautiful 3D graphics platform, applying the most advanced AR technology in the world. From the virtual design of the characters, zombies, monsters are simulated extremely true and sharp. You can see quite familiar scenes, you may have seen in the movie Police Chief Rick, Daryl grotesque, or her assassin Michonne. In addition, the sound system in this game is quite interesting, giving the feeling of rattling, startling, sure to bring the most exciting feeling.

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Trailer video The Walking Dead: Our World

The Walking Dead: Our World – By Next Games 2018 <3—————————————————————————Play Android: iOS: MOD:

Posted by APKMod on Friday, April 6, 2018


Summary, The Walking Dead: Our World is a thrilling action-packed arcade game that promises to bring people the best experience in 2018. If you love this game, maybe Download The Walking Dead: Our World for Android / iOS for free, via the link below this article. And coming soon, we will try to update the version of The Walking Dead: Our World MOD APK, making it easier for people to experience.

Note: Currently, The Walking Dead: Our World is only released in several countries such as the Philippines, United Kingdom, USA, … so launches the global version will be released in the coming time. If you are interested, can regularly visit our website every day, to update the latest global version.

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