According to official information received by APKMod, producer Creative Mobile has just announced the release of the game The X-Files: Deep State in the world. Currently, the game is officially available in the Google Play app store and AppStore, with a capacity of 157.7 MB for mobile phones. This is an action adventure game that promises to bring the best in the world in 2018. Now, invite everyone with APKMod to break into more detail about the product this.

Introduce The X-Files: Deep State – The new X-Files game comes from Creative Mobile

The X-Files: Deep State for Android take context set in a Deep State story set in 2010, with mysterious incidents that keep people curious. Come to this game, you will be immersed in an agent dale to investigate the scene of the mysterious case. Then you will have to take witnesses’ testimony, solve the mystery and collect evidence to solve all the cases.

How to play

Starting the game The X-Files: Deep State, you will get lost in a scene of mysterious cases, and the main task is to find solutions in these cases. At first, you will be guided in finding solutions in mysterious cases. After having mastered it, people need to investigate themselves and find solutions in that mysterious case. Being a game requires thinking, and inference is extremely complex, up to completing the task is extremely difficult.

Control system

Control game The X-Files: Deep State is extremely simple, just touch the screen of your mobile phone to find a solution after every mysterious case. Nothing is too difficult, people just need to get used to a little time is possible to find the solution after each sentence.

Character system

Own a diverse character system, with so many different styles that people can comfortably choose. In order to change the style of the character, you need to have a certain amount of money to change the face, clothes, hats, etc. In order to change the style, first of all, people need to solve the problem. mysterious cases, and earn money for each successful case.

Crime scene

In addition to the above features, the game The X-Files: Deep State also gives people different field events. Cases of crime can appear anywhere, be it a warehouse, a room, or an abandoned plot. So, people will have to think in detail, to find the smallest details that can solve the case.

Graphics and sound

In terms of graphics, the game The X-Files: Deep State for iOS features a very mysterious 3D design, with realistic and meticulous designs. Entering the game, people can feel the crime scene extremely sharp, giving the player a positive experience. In addition, the sound system is a very special point, giving the player different levels of emotions.


Overall, The X-Files: Deep State is a very exciting adventure game, bringing everyone to the scene of mysterious cases. If you are a fan of the genre, you can download The X-Files: Deep State for Android / iOS for free, follow the link below this article. In addition, APKMod will also support the version of The X-Files: Deep State APK, so people can experience this game. Do not forget, regularly visit the APKMod.Store website every day, to update more new games this.

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