Zombie Anarchy: War & Survival v1.3.0d – Strategic online game Zombie Chaos Android 
Score 4.4 out of 5.0 in the PlayStation and introduced for the first time in Iran 
tested with 100% no problem running.

Zombie Anarchy in Persian “Zombie Chaos” is the latest game by the famous gaming company Gameloft in the style of strategy action for Android , released just two minutes ago for free on the big Google market and we decided as we always did. At the same time, we test it and, after ensuring that it runs smoothly, Introducing it to your lovers of action games, zombies and gaming enthusiasts! The game, titled Converse, is released on the PlayStation: “Are you ready to survive in hell with zombies ?!” is an apocalypse, all zombies have rebelled, and now you have to take control of human beings with the battle. Go zombies and save the world! Few humans have not turned into zombies, and you can use them to use in your battles against zombies! Build and protect camps to train people to use in battles and experience one of the best Android-survival strategy games! If you’re an enthusiast of Android-styled zombie-style action games, you’ll never miss Zombie Anarchy.

Some features of Android Zombie Anarchy:

  • Surviving Survivors: Each survivor has a special ability
  • Camp defense: Get tight resources, get your supplies with care towers, flamethrowers, Tesla tower... Secure it
  • Multiplayer Battles (PVP): Create a powerful army of people and attack online users around the world to collect resources
  • Cleansing the Dead: Destroying the Infected Zombie Camp and Collecting Resources and Responding to Their Brutalities
  • Availability of a variety of weapons: Deploy weapons of all kinds, such as missiles, etc. one after the other
  • Destroy all zombies and clear the city to become a myth!

You can first see screenshots of the game environment, and if you want to do it for free and one click download the game from the high-speed web site.

Subscription Tips:

1 – Zombie Anarchy is online and requires an Internet connection to run.

2 – For your convenience, we downloaded the data with our phone and put it to you so no need to download from the game itself! (How much do you think about you: de)

3. If you wish, you can download the data with the game itself and do not download the data from Google.

4 – There is no licensing error.

V1.3.0d version changes:

* Fix game bugs and various optimizations.

Instructions for installing and running Zombie Anarchy Android Games:

– Download and install the installation file first.

Download and unzip the data file. Com.gameloft.android.ANMP folder Copy GloftZSHM in the Android / data path of the internal memory.

– Run the game.

Free Download Link

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  •  Android Requirements: 4.0 and above
  •  Price on Google Play: Free
  •  Age rating: +16 years